Part III 
Saturday, April 1, 2006, 07:12 PM
On a light note I went down into the computer science lab and I told a friend about what I was doing at work today which was "Trying to write a model to calculate a tax deduction percentage for Group Salary Continuance policies to age 65 based on the IAS 93 data and the American Disability tables" and the response I got was, "wow, I now know what it's like when I talk to someone who thinks I'm a boring computer geek"

But I digress, back to Dating.

At what point after going on a couple of dates are you willing to call someone your partner? Seriously after having the statistics of a couple hundred romance novels flashing through my skull since the first date, after about a week I should collapse into his arms and sigh my undying declaration of love for him and then go get married and have the 1.75 children the ABS claims that I as a woman will have on average.

To be honest, I've tried that shock approach to dating and like fallen in love (or as close as I probably can get to) in a week and went out with the guy. And it lasted a week come to think about it. So after my vast experience I've come to the conclusion that a week is not enough time for me to swoon for a guy just yet.

So how do I know? After being a good ABS fan I know that 1.3% of married people get divorced I don't know if I'm ready to take a plunge as serious as marriage. But then again, do I just want to be a serial dater taking nothing but random company from a random bunch of guys? Sadly, the older I get, the interarrival times of meeting guys increases (though not exactly at an exponential rate).

So what is a good Actuary supposed to do? View her entire life with cynicism as she studies the current divorce statistics and the decreasing rate of marriages? Or take a chance on saying yes to a guy (after longer than a week) to embrace the 1.75 children?

But that's something the Actuary find has to find out for herself. Oh and to remember submit these statistics to the ABS of course.

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Part II 
Saturday, April 1, 2006, 07:10 PM
Nowadays a first date is usually a drink, after work or uni. This is a good first step because dinner is WAY too much commitment. With a drink, you can leave 10 minutes into it after you realise you can't bear to talk to this person ever again. You can't leave just after ordering the main course.

Things meander along & suddenly all the statistics of all the romance novels I've ever read flash through my mind. Is he 'THE ONE'?
- 100% of novels say that I should feel inexplicably 'drawn' to him.
- 70% of novels say I should like get into arguments because of our fiery passion lurking beneath the surface while the other 30% say that there will be complications so vast, the nothing short of obsessiveness with each other will pull you through.

Then realising, I've read way too many novels; I'm faced with two options: do I go or do I stay? Is it worth sticking around after 30 minutes of inane conversation for the slim possibility he might say something interesting? Or am I so interested that I want to play hard to get? And then I am at a loss, because despite numerous observations through novels (and yes, I do know it converges to a normal distribution after the sheer volume of novels I've read) not in any simulation was the hero or heroine an actuary.

However, I do know how to put off a guy completely after those 30 minutes of inane conversation:
- "Sorry, I have to dash off now, I need to study for my Institute of Actuaries exam in September"
- "Do you mind if I pull out my life table and compute your life expectancy because I'd prefer that my prospective partner outlives me."

Though I must confess, sometimes, when I've really hit it off with someone, I totally forget that I'm an actuary.

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