Saturday, April 1, 2006, 07:49 PM
About the site

Here is "Dating and the Actuary!" A column that has been featured in the "The Actuarial Bulletin" (the University of New South Wales Actuarial Newsletter) in 2005.

It is just general rants about dating with a geeky actuarial slant on things. Short and potentially humourous.

It seems "The Actuarial Bullentin" hasn't asked me to write again for them this year so I am putting it here for all you devoted vistors of my website (yes you googlebot, msnbot and yahoobot)! I've now changed it to a blog for easier content management, feel free to contribute in the form of ratings and comments!

I am now writing more personal stuff, my own experiences and how they affect me as well as any interesting tidbits in the actuarial view of the world.

Warning - you may groan in disgust, read at your own risk!

About me

I wanted to be an actuary from the age of 12 since my maths tutor recommended it to me. I fell out of love for it in favour of computers back in high school and wanted to program instead - though somehow I managed to do both with a combined Commerce (Actuarial Studies) and Science (Computer Science) at the University of New South Wales.

I've worked for 2 years part time for a superannuation consulting company where most of my work was analysing life insurance contracts in tenders for big superannuation funds.

I spent a year working part-time for a big general insurer which was really interesting. I did some mainframe hacking (though to this day I still don't understand it) and updated a lot of Excel spreadsheets.

Since then I chucked it all and now study fashion at TAFE (technical college) Macquarie fields. I haven't done a good job in updating this blog, but I still know it exists and hope you enjoy it despite it all.

With love,